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Top Questions Faq

I already have a Trust and other legal documents. How can this site help me?

If you have recently completed or reviewed import documentation such as a Trust or Health Directives, then you are already ahead of many others in planning ahead.  You are precisely the type of person for whom this software was built.  Asset Planet created this incredibly easy, but profoundly detailed program that provides multiple benefits.  One of those benefits is the built-in secure file-sharing system accessible from anywhere in the world with the Internet and the ability to remember either of these websites- iFiDiE.com  or WheniDie.com.  Connect from any device, whether Apple or Android.  You have probably spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for professional legal services for your documents.  Why not spend a tiny fraction of that for one month to see if this software helps complement the work you have already begun?  Buy now and lock in a special 1st-year price, lock-in guaranteed lowest price on renewal, and extra features offered for free for special promotions. 

Advanced Health Care Directives, Will or Trust. What do I need and why?

Advanced Health Care Directives (ACHD) should be created by every adult with opinions on how their body should be treated in a medical emergency.  Each state is different, and some health insurance companies offer their ACHD form for free.  Estate professionals will often include the ACHD in their services when creating a Trust.  Once you have completed an ACHD, you need to make it accessible to people you care about and to those who care about you.   The WhenIDie module made this document highly accessible within our program, should it ever be necessary to access by anyone you authorize, anywhere in the world, with the internet and these websites- iFiDiE.com  or WheniDie.com.

Will and Trust – Many financial institutions do not recognize a Will as a legal document versus a Trust. For this reason, we recommend everybody of legal age have, at a bare minimum, a Will and, whenever possible, consider the added benefits of a Trust structure.  This often involves a conversation between the client, legal professional, and investment advisors.  Sometimes, a client may choose the DIY route with the assistance of a 3rd party web-based solution.  Members of Asset Planet software can easily share these documents with those they choose using our file management dashboard.

Asset Planet company does not offer tax or legal services, but our members, at their choosing, can get introduced to various online or in-person services.  Often, these introductions to 3rd parties will include special discounts for being a member of Asset Planet.

This is serious stuff how do you protect my information?

The Importance of Privacy and Security Watch Video

Asset Planet takes your security extremely seriously. With industry-leading technology and security, your data is safeguarded. We at Asset Planet know that you are entrusting us with some of your most sensitive data and documents, and we will never sell or disclose your information. Our business model is not you or your data. We try to safeguard and secure your information because we know it belongs to you alone, and you are the only one who can decide with whom to share it.

Securing your data starts at login

When you enter your username and password, we have already started our security processes. Every Client must have a unique username and password and utilize Two-Factor authentication (explained below) with every login. We implement tokenization (also explained below) to secure the API used to send you the One one-time passcode (OTP) that you enter after your username and password. The token is never stored in the database. It is impossible for data to be read or written without this process being completed.

But we don’t stop there…

We match the token issued to you with your username, password, device AND location. If all four of those do not match with the initial creation of that token, it automatically expires, logging everyone out and preventing any data from being read or written.

Wait, there’s more…

Our servers cannot be hacked. We have implemented a serverless platform, which renders this as an impossibility. We partner with the best in the business, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your data cannot be accessed without AWS credentials so we use multi-factor authentication with Amazon Web Services, we safeguard our root user credentials, we implement permission boundaries to delegate permissions management within the account AND only whitelisted IP addresses are even able to access AWS. All of this is to safeguard your data.

There is only one thing left…

We are security experts, but we do need help from you. We need you to use a strong password, never share it with anyone, and change it often. That’s it.

With these measures in place, you can be sure your data is well safeguarded.

Access to your information

Beyond a small set of information required to help personalize actions and reminders (for example, activating confirmation emails) and restricting access to your account in an emergency (for example, limiting or removing a Delegate’s access), our stringent internal policies prevent any Asset Planet employee or administrator from gaining access to your account.

Two-factor authentication

With every log-in to Asset Planet by you or a Delegate appointed by you, we will send a special One one-time passcode to the mobile number associated with the log-in that must be provided to gain access. The One Time Passcode ensures nobody can access your account, even if your username and password were compromised.


Asset Planet uses tokenization (also known as aliasing) to protect member information which is a process that removes sensitive data from Asset Planet servers and replaces it with a corresponding token. This is an additional step we use to keep sensitive information protected and separate from your account.

How do you prevent some trusted individual from changing my final wishes?

Once the software for WhenIDie.com has been activated and the fail-safe time has expired, at this stage of the process, various parts of the program become locked into view-only mode and cannot be altered.  These lock features include audio/video and personally written instructions.

What fail safes do you have for preventing pre-mature announcement?

Plan Creators can delay the activation completion by a few hours to a few days, and the program refers to this feature as our fail-safe delay. Within that time, the Plan Creator will be contacted by the WhenIDie software's automated system and allowed to override and stop the process.  Currently, we use SMS as an email-based solution for notification and more.

How do I connect to the program with an App or web?

Asset Planet programs are best viewed and interacted with on a bigger screen on tablets, laptops, and more.  Apps are included for free; download and install from Android or Apple.  Web-based programs consist of distinctive URLs and login permissions. Make sure to bookmark for access in the future.

Are you selling my information and personal data?

No, we don’t; here is our privacy policy for detailed information.  If our clients leave any site controlled by Asset Planet, then we are no longer in control of what our user is exposed to, but our policy is to use client data internally to serve our subscribers, and subscribers choose if they want to inquire about additional products or services, from 3rd parties.  Any companies on our program or website do not pay for advertising and are invited onto the platform to benefit members.  If members purchase a product/service and Asset Planet receives compensation for the sale, we split that with each member in the form of credits - View Video.

Explain Price Guarantee and other bonus sign-up promotions

Promotions are temporary and can be changed at any time, but if you lock in a promotion or benefit at the time of purchase, then Asset Planet honors that original bonus.  For example, price lock on renewals means next year, the price listed on the agreement is the price you get even if prices for newer subscribers have increased.  For example, unlocking full features on our other apps and programs is based on each promo, but we are highly sensitive to giving the maximum value for your subscriber dollar and are inclined to give many bonus opportunities to those using the program.  You should expect more benefits, not less; please support the member community through referrals and renewals.  Here is a link to current promotions for becoming a new subscriber today and not delaying.

Why don’t I just avoid your software and share folders, docs and other collaborative tools?

Agreed, it is an easy, low-cost solution to build on your own. But is your homegrown solution easy to access and remember for everybody else? For example, are your friends and loved ones more apt to remember the websites iFiDiE.com or WheniDie.com? Quite simply, during times of chaos, you don’t want people having tech headaches, so we made the software and essential documents accessible on any device, anywhere with the Internet, all protected by 2FA and other security. The type of person smart enough to ask this question is also someone for whom this program was created. Look at the multiple benefits and solutions Asset Planet offers in the WhenIDie software, in addition to file sharing, and we believe you will see great value in such a low-cost pricing of only $14.95 a month on renewal. Lock in a subscription now for low rates on renewals and other benefits.

What is Asset Planet and how are they involved?

Asset Planet is the parent company, and WhenIDie is a module within our financial suite of software to help people everywhere Organize, Plan, and Protect their financial lives.  The features of WhenIDie.com are one part of our Protection module.  By being an early adopter of our platform, members will receive unique offerings and free promotions to try our added software as it becomes available.  At the bottom of this page are our current promotions for free or discounted software from Asset Planet.  Our long-term goal is to become people’s daily financial dashboard to Help everyone, everywhere, who earns an income, pays a bill, or dreams of a better tomorrow ™

Do you Offer Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee.?

Asset Planet does offer a free 30-day trial, and then we charge after that period either monthly or yearly.  Easy cancellation availability for all members within the program; see the legal for more details.

Why Subscription vs 1x Pay?

The web-based and app-based products will need continuous software updates for security, new features, and other benefits. Our company gets charged a fee each time a user activates 2FA SMS text verification protection, and we also get charged each time a user retrieves their banking information. Since we do not sell our client's information for revenue, we have our clients help pay for ongoing costs with annual membership fees. Our members can receive free subscription months and other perks by enrolling in our Rewards program and achieving certain milestones. Also, one Subscription covers all our various programs depending on the promotion available when the membership starts.


Home Landing Page

How can a home landing page be a benefit? When you base it on empathy and understanding that people might be going through one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives and how the first words they read convey – “It will be OK, there is a process in place, and you have been taken care of - here are the next steps.”

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For Plan Creators, the checklist reflects items yet to be completed or reviewed by each user. For Trusted Individuals, the checklist functions as a dashboard to reflect those items in various states of completion.  This knowledge can help reduce the stress of loved ones because people are less confused if they know an item of importance or no concern.

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Emails and Texts to Send

A Plan Creator can leave a custom message to one or more groups and have that message delivered via email or SMS text. The program designers included the ability for all users to see how many emails are sent and rejected, as well as details like when they were opened. These added abilities should help reduce wasted time with follow-ups and potentially more phone calls. This is another reason to ensure you allow emails from Asset Planet to go into your inbox, not junk/spam.

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Personal Instructions

The software designers have decades of experience in financial wealth management and helping people, and they believe a Plan Creator must be able to leave personal notes.  Items that might not be in a Will or Trust can be very personal, secretive, or simple instructions. Example- a favorite collectible item you didn’t mention in a Will or Trust but feel the need to use a Personal Note for added clarity; this minor feature might help reduce future conflict. Personal notes might be about the care of a pet or something else. Personal Instructions is another feature to help Plan Creators communicate their wishes and intent to those they leave behind when they die.

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Contact List

This web-based program does not worry about operating systems or device types, so you may access anywhere and retrieve contacts relevant to the Plan Creator.   This is a simple-to-use but highly complex functionality of our program, as each contact added can be assigned a specific permission group or role by the Plan Creator. Each contact can also have fields to denote their profession and if they are part of a Trusted Team. For example, one group might be pickleball friends, another group of college buddies, a contact can be listed as a financial expert and more. By creating this contact list feature, Trusted Individuals can quickly and easily assess who those people on the “Trusted Team” are and what notes they leave or interactions they have posted. Care and Collaboration help reduce chaos and improve outcomes for a problematic situation.

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Important documents

A critical feature is document storage and collaboration. There are various ways to store data. The idea was to simplify by allowing our global server farm to house and back up the data, making it accessible to anyone authorized by Plan Creator as a Trusted Individual. Except for the document for (AHDC) the Advanced Health Care Directive (AHDC), all other essential documents are not accessible to anybody other than those with specific permissions and still must be authenticated. Early access is not available for Trusted Individuals to ensure the secrecy of its contents and intent by the Plan Creator. Only once the plan has been fully activated will this area and its contents be viewable by chosen Trusted Individuals. Examples include insurance policies, wills, trusts with birth certificates, deeds, divorce or civil settlements, misc. Legal papers, scanned copies of personal letters, receipts, and much more.

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We live in a digital age, and accessing information often requires passwords. The Plan Creator might leave nothing on this subject, maybe a few handwritten items or detailed listings. Plan Creators might link to a third-party password manager or leave a password-protected document. There are many choices, and this program feature allows for an accessible repository or gateway for password accessibility after death. The Passwords module is only accessible via a 2FA code sent to the phone via SMS, and only upon plan activation to ensure privacy while the Plan Creators are alive.  Watch Video

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Assets and Liabilities

This program feature pulls financial information from Asset Planet's Organizing, Planning, and Protecting software. The WhenIDie module is part of a more significant piece of software, and members get free access to many features, including the modules for Assets and Liabilities. Information is added manually or automated by Plan Creators depending on the features chosen.  Watch Video

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Litigation List

Litigation issues do not apply to many individuals, but having the ability to convey details of pending litigation might be very beneficial to those the Plan Creator leaves behind. If the person that died spent years fighting for their day in court, then they would want those left behind to gain access to the maximum amount of information, so that they can pursue the case to benefit those chosen by the Plan Creator. Knowing that a Plan Creator is not losing a litigation case because they didn’t share notes and details is an honest comfort for many people as it addresses the need to not feel like a victim. The opposite can also be true if the Plan Creator is in litigation against them, and they would want the maximum information available to the Trusted Individuals so that they can find ways to protect the estate in civil court.

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Failsafe Timer

The Plan Creator can specify a timer delay, allowing them the ability to override any of the Trusted Individuals that might have triggered WhenIDie activation. This delay can be anywhere from several hours to 1 day. Why did we create this feature? Because we tried to think of all the details and possibilities, sometimes include a friend with a poor sense of humor who thought it might be funny to tell everyone you died (probably not the person you want as a rusted Individual). What happens if someone receives incorrect information and you are not dead but are missing or unreachable in an area with no phone or internet service? Our goal is to reduce stress, and we believe this small but essential feature helps Plan Creators sleep easier.

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Bills To Pay

Often, one of the most pressing concerns for friends and loved ones is how to pay bills for the deceased and which ones are coming up. Added features might also denote which bills are auto-paid from a bank account or credit card, along with other details that may prove to be helpful.  Payment information is pulled directly from our included free module access for Assets and Liabilities.   

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Burial Expense

This feature can be found if the Plan Creator has chosen to pre-pay or earmark specific instructions relevant to their burial or ceremony. Details might include the name of the mortuary, location, items already paid for when paid, the total, the name of the funeral home director, and personal notes. If The Creator has populated these fields, then the address and name of the funeral home can be auto-populated into email details for notification of groups.

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Location of Personal Items

OK, we are not talking about buried treasure! -- - or are we? The point of this program benefit is for the Plan Creator to be allowed a method to list personal items that might not be found on a balance sheet. Comic books, gold bullion, heirloom jewelry, or possibly a collectible car stored in a friend's garage are all potential candidates for secrecy and a desire to list separately.

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Death certificate

A feature within the program allows for the Plan Creator to list the website address needed to reflect the county in which they currently reside. There is no automation to this process, and the program cannot order death certificates on behalf of anyone.

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Legacy Wall

MyLegacyWall.com is an elegant, easy online website for people to embrace with words, music, and images the positive memories they have experienced with this person they cared about.  Contributions are straightforward because they are free, accessible from any internet-connected device, and require no passwords or confirmations to log in. The current promotion (subject to change) is an instant 90% off coupon that can redeemed now or later (MSRP $129.95)  to all paid-in-full WhenIDie members.

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Audio/Video message

Plan Creators can leave one or more custom messages in audio or video format, and they will be attached to emails to each custom group chosen by the Plan Creator.  This is an incredibly powerful yet can also be a deeply emotional part of this entire program.  Our members will also have access to 3rd-party paid professional or free DIY services to help them use these features to maximize benefits.

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These can be highly serious and deeply confidential messages and the people who created this program realized the importance of potential grief counseling and other emotional support. Third-party professional services that are skilled in such important, yet delicate matters are available as part of our expanding service network. Plan Creators can also record these messages from any location they appreciate and can be uploaded at their convenience.

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Messages don’t need to be serious they can also be fun and silly including the use of third-party provider http://Cameo.com where celebrities and other people of interest leave custom messages for the departed and their target group. Can you imagine the sendoff message for a KISS superfan to have Gene Simmons say your last words.

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Plan Creator

Messages can be easily updated by Plan Creator and only viewable by others upon plan activation. The Trusted Individuals cannot alter the Plan Creators messages after death so that their wishes and intentions are protected. The messages are locked and ready to be sent as attachments or web URL posting for those individuals assigned by a group by the Plan Creator.

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Subscriber Community – each member will actually be part of a community where they can find resources they might need to help improve their financial lives.  These benefits might consist of discount coupons for using a 3rd party service chosen by the client.  Articles that are curated for a need are appreciated to make each person’s life more straightforward to find the information they want.  Examples might include tips for estate planning.

All members of the WhenIDie software will be entitled to unique benefits for new programs being developed by Asset Planet.  Think of this as an early adopter and thanks from the Founders.  These benefits might include price lock guarantees, free programs, or reduced special pricing.  Other benefits might include access to our mobile apps’ premium features for no cost (programs and benefits subject to change)



1st Year activation
$ 249
one time or monthly $24.95 x 12
  • WhenIDie module- unlocked all features
  • Easy to remember. iFiDiE or WHENiDiE.com
  • Emotional and Analytical checklist process lowers chaos
  • 2 FA authentication and other security features
  • No worry access, anywhere with Internet
  • Complete Privacy - we don’t sell client information
  • No limits on permission sets, and trusted users
  • Secure Retrieval Financial Information Assets & Liabilities
  • 30-day email priority support
  • Tip and Pointers blog and other internal sources
  • Access to templates and other tools
  • up to 5GB storage
  • * 90% off instant coupon for MyLegacyWall.com
  • * Free ($34.95 value) unlocked -Inventory and Collectible App
  • Early Supporter Founders Club
  • Price Lock Guarantee


Renewals Monthly
After 1st Year
$ 149
one time or $14.95 monthly
  • Every Current App Offered - No Extra Charge *
  • Access to all stages and features of WhenIDie
  • Advanced Permission set for access to specific
  • 2 FA authentication and other security features
  • Secure auto-retrieval Financial Information Assets & Liabilities'
  • Accessible anywhere with Internet connection. Apps iOS and Android + web
  • Tip and Pointers blog and other internal sources
  • Discount coupons for internal partners
  • Complete Privacy - we don’t sell client information
  • Access to templates and other tools
  • up to 5GB storage


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Plan Creator – Each plan is based on a single Creator designed to meet their needs.  Plan Creators can adjust, modify, revoke privileges, and act as the plan’s Super Administrator. Plan Creators are the only ones to lock and unlock features for viewers and other users. Plan Creators are the only ones that can order products or services from within the program. Audio or video messages cannot be altered by anybody other than by the Plan Creator.

Trusted Individuals – Anybody chosen by a Plan Creator who then accepts the honor to support a friend, colleague, or family member to deliver a positive legacy.  If a Trusted Individual is on multiple plans, they will have a unique dashboard allowing them to log into various plans. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and financial advisers are likely to be involved in multiple plans, plus there is always that great friend that multiple people genuinely trust.  Everyone accepting the role of Trusted Individual is incredible, and Asset Planet is here to help when needed.

Currently beta testing sign-up for 1st release

Write us if any question

Hi (trusted person),

it’s (Plan Creator), and you are getting this (text or email) because you are one of the most influential people in my life and I would like you to be one of my Trusted Individuals “If I Die”. Making sure my family, friends and loved ones are taken care of “When I Die” is being handled by this web-based program I have purchased from a company called Asset Planet. This program is accessible anywhere in the world with Internet connection, and makes a challenging process much easier for those I leave behind.

There is no cost to you as one of my Trusted individuals, but there is a responsibility to possibly activate the program should you be the first to learn about my death. After the activation process has begun you would be part of a team of other Trusted Individuals to maximize how you can collaborate to make my death easier on everyone.

The web-based process is linear and designed by experienced financial professionals who got tired of watching the chaos that often surrounds someone passing. (optional) This need for care is amplified when you are the (matriarch or patriarch) of a family which carries great responsibility and I am very appreciative of our relationship and believe you are one of the best people to help in a time of need. You can access this program from anywhere with an Internet connection and is best viewed with a tablet or larger monitor – vs a phone. There is nothing to break or worry about doing wrong so there is low stress around tech or financial literacy.

All you have to do is remember the websites https://IfIDie.com or https://WhenIDie.com and this program relies on your cell phone text for 2FA verification due to the private nature of the topic. No need for complicated forms or personal information, just your name and phone number.

You must apply and be approved before accessing the agent sale site.